Volkswagen Bus

This page is just a dedication to some of the neater volkswagen bus creations out there. Volkswagen bus fans are known for there creative constructions of Volkswagen bus models. So just to keep things interesting we've dedicated this page to cool used Volkswagen bus models. The first volkwagens bus has the distinction of being the worlds shortest volkswagen bus.
This volkswagen bus is the creation of a man named Andy Saunder. The world's shortest volkswagen bus stands at only 1 meter tall and was made from a standard issue T25 used volkswagen bus model. For some reason, this volkswagen bus has received some negative attention online for more or less being a silly idea. But personally I think it at least deserves some respect for its uniqueness!

Another cool used volkswagen bus conversion was this volkswagen bus pool table. Obviously no longer a functional volkswagen bus, nor is it street legal.
It has authentic side pockets but no actual ball return mechanism. Another example of a creative (albeit relatively pointless) piece of work from vw owners.

Volkswagen bus for sale

Finding a volkswagen bus for sale such as these ones is obviously going to be a hard find... These things are probably nearly priceless to their owners. Even if they do not boast utility, they represent hard work and something personal to the owner. So if this kind of purchase is of interest to you, you're probably going to need quite a bit of money. You may be better off making one of your own. This will of course take time, but it will also cost far less money. So if you are interested in this sort of thing, I say go for it! I'd love to post more unique volkswagen bus creations on my website! This page is intended to showcase creativity in the realm of vw, since it seems to be the best place to look!

Hippie Volkswagen Bus

And of course there are countless examples of hippie volkswagen bus models out there... these ones are mainly notable due to their creative painting, artwork, and decals that you find on the body. Severe structural modification is more the work of serious volkswagen bus enthusiasts that have either alot of money or skill in a machine shop. Nevertheless, the hippie volkswagen bus is a valuable contribution to the creative element of this American icon (slightly ironic since vw is of German make, but hey America is all about the conflation of many cultures after all).