Vanhool bus was founded in 1947 by Bernard Van Hool. It is a belgian company, and their focus is the the bus, coach, and trailer market. The Van Hool bus line is known for its quality and versatility. Nowadays, this manufacture handles the bulk of its production. A Van Hool bus typically uses MAN, Caterpillar, or Cummins engines and/or axles, as well as Voith or ZF gear boxes. Van Hool does occasionally build their bodies on other companies' bus chassis, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, or Scania. The Van Hool bus company is fairly large, employing 4500 people (about 2 1/2 times as many as Thomas). It is estimated annually to manufacture approximately 1700 Van Hool bus models and sell 600 Van Hool bus models in the U.S. alone.

Van Hool Commuter Bus

In 1957, Van Hool bus made an agreement with Fiat to employ Fiat Engines and other smaller components in the Van Hool Bus. Initially, the arrangement with Fiat was very successful. In four years (from 1957 to 1961) they managed to produce their 500th Van Hool Bus with the Fiat package. In addition to this, the Van Hool bus continued to excel in the coach market, and this allowed for continued and stable expansion. The Van Hool - Fiat agreement did not last forever, and the Van Hool bus ceased to include Fiat parts in 1981. Vanhool coaches have a wide range of seating. One of their smallest models (the A308) has room for minimum 18 seated passengers, and up to 45 non-seated passengers. One of the largest models (the AGG300) accommodates 60 seated passengers and up to 150 standees.

Van Hool Bus

Other models (& passengers): A308, A320 (33 seats - 40 seats), A300 CNG (29 pax), A360 (seating 34 - 41), A330 CNG (29 pax), AG300 (25 passengers - 44 passengers), AGG300, A300T (29 seats), AG300T (38 pax - 41 pax), AG300 CNG (44 passengers), AG700, T911 (39 seats), T915 (seating 36, 44, 49), T916 (40 pax, 48 pax, 53 pax), T917 (44, 52, 57, 59, 90 passengers), T918 (48 seats, 51 seats, 56 seats), TD924 (seating 48, 78, 79), TD925, TD927 (70 pax, 82 pax, 91 pax), 913 CL (45 passenger, 47 passenger), 915 CL (seats 49, 53, 55, 57, 59), 915 TL (seating 55, 59), 916 TL

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Van Hool 320 coach. Van Hool brings outstanding quality to its full-size coaches
VanHool 600 coach. Van Hool coaches are among the best in the bus for sale industry