Transit Bus

The transit bus is the work horse of massive local transportation. Everyone needs to get around town. Many people drive their own car, but those looking to save money or who simply can't afford a car will typically rely on a transit bus to get them around. It makes more and more sense to use a transit bus these days, thanks to the rise in gas prices and insurance rates, and the huge ecological footprint we leave with all of these other automobiles. The more people using the transit bus system and the less using cars, the better. If you are not currently using a transit bus for local transit, but are considering it for whatever reason you may have, you are going to want to get familiar with the transit bus schedule. A transit bus generally runs a continuous cyclical path and if you want to use bus transit, you need to be at the transit bus stop in order to get picked up. Truly there are people who fear the transit bus as a means of transportation, and there are those who are transit bus savvy and barely even notice the minor time inconvenience of using a transit bus. So get a transit bus schedule. Many convenience stores may carry them, your local dmv will probably also have them. Obviously, if you are reading this, you have access to the internet, so you can probably find a transit bus schedule here (meaning, on the internet) as well. I know for a fact that at least the nj transit bus schedule is available online. Try google searching 'nj bus transit' or 'nj transit bus schedule'. Change the transit bus search to whatever state you are from and 'bus transit' and you'll probably be able to find it very quickly. A word of caution to newcomers in the world of transit buses: be at the stop EARLY. Where I am from, transit buses can come 15 minutes early, and only swing by a given stop once an hour. So usually, if you miss it, it could be more than a minor inconvenience.

Transit Buses for sale

Maybe you have an interest in buying a transit bus for sale. If that is the case, you may want to look for transit bus auctions. Again, you could contact your state administration to find the times and locations of transit bus for sale auctions. Of course there are many places that sell transit buses online, and you could always convert any mid-size to full-size bus into a transit bus. If you are interested in a vintage transit bus for sale, gm transit bus, gillig transit, or any other transit bus for sale, then online or your state government would be a good place to look. You might even get lucky with a vintage transit for sale from your state government (but I'd bet you'll have to do some serious maintenance), but you are sure to score somewhere online. In any case, surplus transit buses for sale are a good starting point because you'll probably get the best price that way.