School buses

The school bus industry has an interesting history. We live in a time where school bus safety is a huge concern on the minds of most citizens. If you asked someone how important they thought the safety of our school buses was, they would likely answer with an emphatic "VERY!" But the U.S. didnt always treasure the safety features of our school buses. Back in the 30's, school buses were a dangerous place! School bus transportation was nothing more than a flatbed truck with some benches and a canvas roof. This is the kind of experience a grown man (or woman) would prefer to stay away from, unless (s)he has been prepped for such a thing. And not even a century ago, this was the kind of school bus transportation that children were subjected to!

School bus safety

Even the greatest jaded, disillusioned cynic can realize the value of our children's safety. Children are innocence in a harsh world, and they only way this harsh world can go on being harsh is to protect the innocence of the children. But of course, in order for this world to protect this innocence, it must first consider the safety of these innocent beings.

Yellow school bus

The yellow school bus is an American Icon. Yellow school buses represent children, learning, and caution. In fact, the yellow school buses design was actually chosen with the safety of the school bus in mind, during the transition period from a complete lack of concern for school bus safety to a primary directive. You will notice very few school buses out there that are NOT a yellow school bus, and conversely you will notice very few non-school bus models out there that ARE yellow. This way, it's easy for any driver to easily identify a bus containing children, and raises awareness and caution when nearby.

Used school buses for sale

Be VERY careful when looking for a used school bus for sale, especially if you're using it for school bus transportation. Remember, school bus safety is THE most important factor here. Even if you go with a trusted company like Thomas Built Buses or Bluebird, you should still make sure to thoroughly investigate and analyze the safety value of the bus. And if it isn't a yellow school bus already, have it painted before you put in on the road with children inside.

School buses and fuel

A new developement came to the school buses market in 2007 when Bluebird school buses came out with a vision school bus that was propane powered. This bus uses natural gas instead of oil derived, which can reduce the need for oil and contribute less pollution to the environment.

Bluebird Vision school bus. Bluebird is famous for their outstanding schoolbuses and safety
Thomas School bus. Thomas is another premier company for school buses