Prevost Motorhomes

Prevost buses are manufactured by a Canadian company, Prevost Car. This company began its operations in 1924, founded by Eugene Prevost. In 1937 they started manufacturing their own Prevost Motorhomes, consisting of a wooden frame. In 1945, however, they upgraded to manufacturing Prevost Motorhomes consisting of a metal frame. As of February 2007, this company had 1,337 employees working on the production of Prevost Motorhomes and conversions. Currently this Prevost motorhomes manufacturer is a subsidiary of Volvo Bus Corporate and itself has as its subsidiary Nova Bus.

Prevost Motorhomes

This company specializes in Prevost Motorhomes and conversions. Typically the used Prevost motorhomes are higher quality than the average motorhome, and for the Prevost conversions they cater to special requests. Prevost Motorhomes and Conversions are being continually upgraded; newer used Prevost motorhomes come with options such as GPS, destination signs, and an enhanced sound system. Newer used Prevost Motorhomes also come with longer wheelbases for more luggage/storage space and a more comfortable ride. More recent improvements to Prevost Motorhomes include a Rooftop Diffuser and a Diesel Particulate Filter. These Prevost motorhomes upgrades provide enhanced safety and security, easier maintenance, improved performance. Also these used Prevost motorhomes have less of an impact on the environment, which is always good.

Used Prevost Motorhomes

If you are looking for a used motorhome, used prevost motorhomes are a good place to start. The used Prevost Motorhomes are known for their excellence. A used prevost motorhome, just like any used motorhome, should be inspected with caution. Remember, someone else used to live there. When buying used prevost motorhomes, first think about how new of a model it is. Then, get as many interior pictures of these prevost motorhomes as possible, if you can't personally inspect it. Keep in mind that most of the new impressive features are only available on models roughly 2006 or younger. Ask about these features. And expect these prevost motorhomes to come at top dollar, especially if they have little wear. If you're gonna live there, you're gonna want top dollar. If you plan to do something else with it, prevost motorhomes may not be the way to go. You may want to check out a different brand of bus.

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2004 Prevost H3-41 bus. Easily made ADA compliant Prevost coach.
2007 Prevost X3-45 bus. Quality bus at an affordable price from Prevost