Pimp bus

Pimp bus. Pimp out your bus and impress the ladies.. lots of them!

Pimp my bus

If you want a pimp bus, you're gonna need to take care of a few things. A pimp bus has a pimp paint job. If you want a pimp bus, paint it a pimpin' color. For a non pimp bus, yellow is already taken, so you're gonna need something else. A pimp bus is flashy, but your own style. So your pimp bus is gonna be a color that suits you. And of course, any pimp bus is gonna have some design with style, so don't just paint it one shade... thats not a pimp bus no matter how cool it is. Whatever you do, make your pimp bus stand out. After all, a pimp must must be stuntin. For those that don't know, 'stuntin' means 'successfully displaying your style in a manner that is acknowledged by others, often garnering admiration and respect'. So, you should be stuntin in your pimp bus. You shouldnt try to pimp your bus and only get laughed at. People should see you pimp bus and think 'man, that guy has got it goin on!'

Pimp bus parts

A pimp bus has pimp rims. Keep your chrome rims shiny and clean. You want the rims to be BLINDING to onlookers. pimped out buses have pimped out suspensions. Your pimp ride should be smooth for any passengers. A pimp bus engine is important too... one with alot of horsepower to get some muscle in that pimp bus. One of the most important factors in getting your pimp bus pimped out is the INTERIOR. You are going to need a really sweet interior design to have a truly pimp bus...

Pimp your bus

The pimp bus interior is where the magic happens. Obviously a pimp bus is going to almost definitely be a party bus or a limo bus, or both! So.. leather couches, an entertainment pole, a nice flat screen tv with dvd, mini-bars... the works! Of all the places you want to spend time and money on your pimp bus, this is the place to do it! Obviously you want a quality pimp bus exterior, but you want jaws dropping once they step inside. Its gonna be expensive to get your pimp bus set up, so be ready for all the costs... we're talking hundreds of g's here.