Neoplan USA

Neoplan USA was based out of Denver, Colorado. They were separate from Neoplan, which is a german company, but Neoplan USA did license Neoplan Buses designs from Neoplan. They opened business with these Neoplan Buses in 1981 and folded in 2006. Over their short run of selling Neoplan buses, they did quite well... with only 600 employes the U.S., Neoplan buses made $810,000,000. In 2006, the U.S. manufacturer of Neoplan buses had several consecutive runs of bad luck which forced them to fold. Technically Neoplan USA still exists but sale of the company is pending.


The German Neoplan was founded in 1935 and is still in business. The German Neoplan buses company has continued to expand, claiming new factories and introducing new models in recent years. The became a subsidiary of MAN AG in 2001 but there is no sign of this Neoplan folding anytime in the near future.

Neoplan Buses

Neoplan Buses manufactured by the American company are more function over form. The produced standard and low floor models, as well as 'articulated' models. Conversely, German Neoplan Buses are of a more futuristic design and are more towards the form over function end of the spectrum. These neoplan buses for sale are known for innovation in design and engineering.

Used Neoplan Buses

Be careful when it comes to buying a Neoplan bus. If it was manufactured by the American company, it may be cheaper, and is likely to be more of a functional bus. If your Neoplan buses are of the German make, you may be paying for importation to a degree, and its more of a purchase based on form. If the style is what you are after, then the German Neoplan Buses are the way to go, but otherwise you may want to look elsewhere.

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Neoplan Starliner bus. One of the most renown buses in the world from 2000-2005
Neoplan Trendliner bus, ideal for intercity bus travel"