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Motor Coaches similar to the term buses covers a wide array of vehicles. A Motor Coach is generally a commercial bus usually in excess of 40 feet in length and seating over 47 passengers. These seated coaches are generally operated by tour companies, charter services, and most commonly transportation services such as greyhound, nj transit, and other passenger coach transportation services around the globe. MCI is by far the most popular manufacturer of these full length motor coaches for sale and has been around for quite some time. That means you can find a wide selection of used motor coach for sale for a decent price, less than one may expect actually.

Used Motor Coach / Preowned Coach

A motor coach is a large vehicle and certainly requires a commercial drivers licence to operate, this wouldn't obviously be a consideration before purchasing a coach for you or your company. Many people take advantage of quality old or used motor coaches and convert them into motorhome style coach conversions. These Motor Coach Conversions or Coach Entertainers can be quite nice and on occasion the entire bus is remdoled to design the coach for this use. Many time you will find high mileage on older full size coaches as primarily they were probably used in a mass transportation industry. One can sometimes find some used motor coaches brokered through a more private company who may have kept the bus in better condition than a larger public service company where the coach was probably damaged through habitual daily abuse.

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