MCI Buses

MCI buses are some of the most commonly used transit vehicles in America. The company has had an interesting history, with different aspects of it being bought and sold from 1932 up until 1993 when it became a fully independent company. In 1932, MCI buses were manufactured under the company Fort Garry Motor Body in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1948 Greyhound Lines of Canada became the major shareholder and in 1958 Greyhound Lines bought MCI buses outright. In 1962 MCI buses started being manufactured in the states and another factory opened in New Mexico in 1974. In 1986, Greyhound Lines was sold to an investor group and the rest of the company (including MCI) remained Greyhound, which was renamed Dial in 1991. Finally, in 1993, MCI buses manufacturing came under Motor Coach Industries, which established itself as a wholly independent business. In 1994 they joined with Dina S.A. of Mexico and shifted focus to production and sales of the Dina Viaggio 1000 in Canada and the U.S. The end of the millenium marked another interesting time for MCI Buses. They shifted back focus to MCI Buses (models such as the G4100, G4500 and F3500), which may be the first time in their history that they manufactured their own buses under their own name. They also focused their operations geographically, closing down their facility in Mexico and expanding the function and scope of their facility in Canada. However, external forces coincided with this shift and business dropped off a bit. They continued to do business, however, and in 2006 they finallly caught a break and saw increased production at their Canadian site and a increase in the number of employees.

Used MCI buses

Despite their tumultous history, MCI buses have managed to penetrate the market for full sized seated coaches. The MC-8 and MC-9 models were a standard for inter-city travel in the 1980s. Today, 'J' and 'D' model MCI buses lead the market for intercity coaches. For the novice bus purchaser, MCI buses may be the best place to start. All things being equal, MCI buses are safe, dependable, cost-efficient purchases. They have managed to demonstrate again and again that MCI buses are a 'safe' buy. They are typically full-sized coaches and a relatively new model with low mileage will probably be fairly expensive, but they are certainly worth it.

MCI E4500 bus model. One example of a quality MCI coach from MCI coaches.
MCI J4500 bus. An example of a higher quality MCI coach from MCI coaches.