Lag Buses

Lag Buses are manufactured by LAG Bus Mfg Co in Belgium. They are a solely european based company, and as such there are very few Lag Buses available in the U.S.. Lag buses tend to be cheap, however, so if you find one it COULD be a good buy. Conversions are also not ideal for Lag Buses; they have high floors, which results in low head space, and therefore often not suitable as a mobile home conversion. Lag buses can be a great way to get a transit or charter service started, however, since they require low capital.

Used Lag Buses

Be EXTREMELY careful when purchasing Lag Buses. The price will probably be quite attractive, but replacement parts are difficult to find. Make sure that if you're looking at used lag buses that all of the mechanical parts (drive shaft, differential, engine, transmission, suspension, etc) are in as good a condition as possible. When its time to replace parts for lag buses, it will be costly in terms of both time and money. So if you buy a LAG, keep in mind that when its time for maintenance, it may also be time to look for a new bus. You can comb junkyards online or in person if you like, but don't be surprised if you contact a junkyard and Lag is not on their list.

LAG bus lot. Here you can see a few examples of LAG buses
Lag bus. Front exterior shot of an inexpensive LAG Galaxy bus