Irizar Coaches

Irizar coaches are primarily sold in Spain, and in fact Irizar coaches are one of the leading manufactures there. There are few Irizar coaches in the states as a result of this, but they are an interesting find indeed. The company that manufactures Irizar coaches is Irizar Group, located in Ormaiztegui in the Basque Country. They have been in business longer than almost any coach company, since 1889, and Irizar coaches are one of the most important coach body manufacturers in Spain. Their focus is on luxury coach bodies, and actually they have a pretty unique and interesting design.

Used Irizar Coaches

Irizar coaches can be expensive in the states because they must have been imported at some point, and you're likely to pay for that. However, the unique foreign design of Irizar coaches lends itself to those interested in coaches with some style and class... So again, be ready to pay extra, but be just as ready to ride in style! Irizar coaches are a rare find indeed!

Other models: i4, K380, K420, K124, TC2422, InterCentury

Links: The Official Irizar website.

Irizar Century Coach. This Irizar bus is one example of the Irizar style
Irizar InterCentury Coach. This Irizar bus is one example of the Irizar style