Goshen coach

Goshen Coach is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, like El Dorado. Goshen coaches is a smaller coach and body company, only started in 1992, but there are quite a few goshen coach models out there. Many ford minibuses use the Goshen coach body style. The Goshen Coach is typically built on a ford chassis with a Goshen Coach body.

Used Goshen Coach

Goshen coach models, which by necessity are not that old, should have relatively low miles and be in decent condition. The Goshen coach company is young in comparison to many other companies, but also keep in mind that the Goshen coach is usually found on ford chassis, which are often minibuses, and therefore there is a possibility of the coach being a gas coach, which not only means that it will be less fuel efficient than diesel but also that the Goshen coach may have a shorter lifespan for their engines. Nevertheless, the goshen coach should should have relatively low mileage on average, and can be a good cheap buy for a minibus, especially if it happens to be gas. There are two sides to everything... A goshen coach could be excellent for church services where heavy use is not a concern, and the passenger capacity will of course probably matter less as well.

Other models: Pacer LTD, Goshen Pacer II, GC II, GCII Tour, GC II 5500, Sentinel

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Goshen GCII bus model. This Goshen GCII coach is manufactured by Goshen Coach.
Goshen Pacer LS bus model. This Goshen Pacer LS coach is manufactured by Goshen Coach.