GMC bus models are manufactured by GMC but like their cousin subsidiary Chevy, their focus is not bus chassis. They mainly manufacture trucks, vans, and SUVs. There have been gmc bus models manufactured in the past, however. From 1940 to 1987 GMC motorhomes manufactured a modest selection of intercity and transit bus models, the earliest GMC buses being transits, and ironically the same is true for their final models (a 'classic' look). GMC buses also manufactured a few GMC motorhomes (from 1973 to 1978)... Some of these are quite nice but decades old.

Used GMC motorhomes

When looking for used GMC buses, be careful. They are all at least 3 decades old, and that means they may have quite a history. There are nice ones out there but you should be asking questions like 'Has the engine/transmission been replaced/rebuilt? How many miles does the engine/transmission/coach have?' Some models are quite beautiful, especially the motorhomes, and in fact a few times owners grow a real personal attachment to their used GMC motorhome. Again, something to be wary of. The price may reflect the owner's emotional attachment to their GMC motorhome but if you are buying from a used bus retailer you may not have to worry about that. In any case GMC motorhomes are borderline antiques... For business purposes, it may be better to look elsewhere for a newer bus with less miles where you are paying more for performance and longevity rather than antiquity. Of course, if you would like a bus with some vintage style to be proud of, vintage GMC motorhomes are a great place to look!

GMC Motorhome

Probably the most popular bus-type vehicle produced by GMC was the GMC motorhome. Many people look for a used GMC motorhome for sale because they are classic, but quality. The inside of a GMC motorhome can be a beautiful sight indeed, as long as the previous owner took care of their GMC motorhome. GMC motorhomes are one of the most popular types of motorhomes in the U.S. market. If you find a GMC motorhome at a good price, don't hesitate to try to seal the deal!

GMC New Look bus. One bus model from GMC
GMC TDH 5305 Model. Another example of GMC coach quality