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Gillig bus for sale models are manufactured by Gillig Corporation (previously Gillig Bros.) and specializes in heavy-duty commercial transit bus units. They are located in Hayward, CA. They have also been known to make the occasional school bus. But since 1993 most Gillig bus for sale models are full-sized and for commercial use. The company's roots date back to 1890 when Jacob Gillig started a wagon and carriage business San Franscisco. By 1920, both of Jacob's sons (Leo and Chester) were involved and developed a California roof top design: a hard top with sliding windows. In the 30's, much of the company's attention was on the school bus market, with many Gillig bus for sale models being made as Gillig transit school buses. For four decades to follow, Gillig bus for sale models dominated the school bus market. In that time they had designed a diesel powered rear engine transit school bus and were known for the manufacturing some of the safest school buses on the market. Also during this four decade streak, the company changed hands and names (Gillig Corporation became the new name, a subsidiary of Herrick-Pacific Steel). In 1977, Gillig Corporation branched out into non-school commercial bus models, and worked with Neoplan on some european style models that allowed for propane fueled engines. It was a short lived merge of interests and by 1980 the new Gillig bus model was the phantom. By 1993 Gillig was completely out of the school bus market.

Used Gillig Bus for sale

Expect Gillig buses for sale made for school to be EXPENSIVE. Most are antiques and/or historic objects, based on their proud history in that market. Unless you want to boast about your historic artifact, it would be better to look elsewhere for school buses. Newer Gilligs are fine because they are still in the commercial market, and have yet to really set any precedents there.

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Gillig bus hybrid. This low-floor gillig hybrid bus is from Gillig Corporation
Gillig bus. This gillig phantom bus is another coach from Gillig Corporation