Freightliner Bus

Freightliner buses are buses with a Freightliner chassis. Once a Freightliner bus chassis has been built, it is sent to another company to do the body. The Freightliner bus chassis usually is built with either a MBE900, Cummins, or Caterpillar Engine (Diesel). The transmission is always an allison transmission. Allison transmission models that Freightliner buses handle include B210, B220, B300, 1000 PTS, 2200 PTS and 3000 PTS models. Freightliner buses are known for their sturdy frames. Suspensions are typically spring loaded but air suspension is available. The typical Freightliner bus also has fairly decent manueverability, from approximately 50-60 degree turning radius. 160 amp alternators come stock, but upwards of 270 amp alternators are available. For fuel, the most popular type is diesel, but alternate fuel engine such as liquid propane or cng (compressed natural gas) are available. Freightliner Bus warranties are fairly standard.

Frieghtliner Buses

If you are looking for a solid performance bus, Freightliner bus chassis are a strong indication of performance. All of the Freightliner chassis components are built by reputable companies (Mercedes, Cummins, Caterpillar, and Allison for the trans). Therefore, a used Freightliner bus chassis with a body that is in decent shape is a nice find. Even better is if the Freightliner engine/transmission mileage is low. Odds are your used Freightliner bus is going to have a diesel engine, so low miles means you still have a lot of life left in your Freightliner chassis. Liquid propane means less dollar per gallon and a cheaper cost to buy, but your engine life may suffer. CNG is good at least for the environment so if you can foot the bill, this would be good too. Maybe you can even get a tax break on gas expenditures.

New Freightliner Buses

If you are not so interested in a used Freightliner bus and want to check out some of the exciting innovations in newer Freightliner bus models, then you may want to check out the Hybrid 2008 MB-HEV Freightliner hybrid-electric bus. This Freightliner chassis has a several quality aspects that reduce cost and ecological footprint. It uses Lithium-Ion batteries (like the kind found in cellphones and laptops) with a 300 hp 6.7L Cummins engine for power. The battery can be charged, even by the brakes! When this Freightliner bus brakes, it converts some of the wasted momentum into energy that goes back into the battery. It is simply more efficient energy conservation. It also has enchanced manueverability, allowing for more fuel efficient paths to their various destinations.

Used Freightliner Bus for Sale