Ford Minibuses

Ford motor company has their hands in all things automotive, and are widely known for the trucks and compact cars. They also contribute to the bus industry with their Ford minibuses for sale, but not in the typical way. Most companies that manufacture chassis slap their own name on them (i.e. MCI, Bluebird, Van Hool). Ford minibuses are a special case because though the chassis is a Ford design, the manufacturer is often not Ford. Metro is one manufacturer that makes Ford minibuses for sale with the ford chassis. Additionally, companies such as Goshen, Champion, and Eldorado make Ford minibuses for sale with their own bodies, and usually credit goes to Ford. Simply put, other companies manufacture the chassis for Ford minibuses for sale. But this fact is often overlooked. It only matters in the sense that the credit is due to another manufacturer.

Used Ford minibuses for sale

Pay particular attention to who made the body of a Ford bus because that is where you can investigate further. If it is a goshen, find out what you can about the quality of goshen products. If the bus doesnt seem to have a different companies body type, it may have been manufactured by ford or someone like metro.

Other Ford bus models: E-350, E-450, 09-B (1939-1940), 19-B (1940-1941), 29-B (1941-1942), 49-B (1944), 59-B (1945-1947), 69-B (1946-1947}, 79-B (1945-1947), Ford Transit bus van, Ford Minibus with F450 chassis, Ford Minibus with E350 (previously Econoline 350) Ford E450 Super Duty minibus, Ford Class C School Bus with B600, B700, B800 chassis, Ford MB IV 100, 100A, 200, 200C Super Duty, Ford MBC IV200, Ford MBC IV 200C, Ford MBC IV 300, Ford MBC IV IV 300D, Ford MBC II 800, Ford Specialty Trolley, Ford G997, Ford R1014, Ford Hawke Ford ET7 with Casha body, Ford 19B, 29B, Ford 72B, Ford ET7 Aqualina.

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Ford minibus. This ford bus is hydrogen powered!
Ford minibus. Ford is known for its specialization in minibuses