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The Flxible Bus Company was founded in 1913 by Hugo Young and Carl Dudte in Loudonville, Ohio and was first known as Flexible Sidecar Co. They originally maunufactured motorcycle sidecars with elastic mounting that allowed them to lean along with the motorcycle when it turned. It wasn't until 1919 that they lost the "e" and became Flxible Co. The appeal of motorcycles began to drop in the early 1920's with the introduction of cheaply priced automobiles. In 1924 they began producing hearses and ambulances which continued well into the 1950's.

Becoming The Flxible Bus Company

By 1953 they had bought out Fageol Twin Coach and received the first transit bus order from the city of Chicago. As time went on the company continued to buy out other companies such as Southern Coach Manufacturing until Rohr industries made a deal in 1970 to take over ownership. In 1978 the original factory in Ohio was sold to the Grumman company and than again in 1996 to General Automotives. While they no longer manufacturer buses at this factory it still remains open as a maintenance facility. Flexible buses have become a huge part of life for many people there is even a group Flexible Owners International the many focus is the preservation and up keep of this buses.

In 1936 the Clipper was introduced to this day it is one of the most reconizable buses around. Find a Flxible Clipper for sale online. They were used everywhere for all purposes from movie sets,national parks,cities even airports. While this was not the only model made during the time it most definitely sticks out as the best.To this day the Clipper bus is still used on TV or in movies when re-inacting the 1930's-1960's. The early 1960's brought around an even larger expansion to the already growing company. A deal was struck with Mexico which allowed a small company there to produce Flxible style transits. A few years later a similar deal was made with a small Canadian company. In the years to follow other countries such as China and Japan would be the rights to use flxibles design making it a household name around the world.

flxible Buses Around the World

In the 83 years since they began many different models have been produced. They can be found not only in the United States but in countries such as Mexico, Canada,China or even Japan. Even if they are no longer in production of new buses at the time they remain one of the most well known Transit bus companies in the world.

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