Ethanol bus

Ethanol buses or e85 buses are simply put, motor coaches that run on ethanol fuel. Ethanol is usually made from corn, the sugar is mixed with water and yeast and distilled until a fueling agent has been created. Any vehicle on the road or off can be converted to a biofuel. Biodiesel is a popular alternative to diesel and gas engines. In addition to the advantages that ethanol fuel brings to our ecosystem it serves as a viable alternative to standard fuels. It's a cost efficient naturallly renewable fuel that in a time where we see a constant rise in gas prices, ethanol prices are going to be very attractive to those of us who want to have a penny saved. E85 Conversion of your bus could save you a fortune while travelling or running a tour and charter service. Ethanol buses may be worth investigating if you are at all concerned with our planet or even if you are trying to save the most when fueling your vehicle. Learn more about how to make ethanol to use with your bus or how to get an e85 conversion kit so you can begin to use or make ethanol yourself. Ethanol Motor Coaches - A greener solution.

Ethanol buses

Make ethanol! Let us show you how! Save money AND the ozone!