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Eagle Buses have an unique history amongst bus manufacturers. The first 54 in a fleet of 200 eagle buses were the 'Golden Eagles' manufactured by a german company, Kassbohrer. The remaining buses were a slightly more affordable model known as the 'silver eagle'. Soon after the birth of its eagle buses business, Kassbohrer focused mainly on sales in other countries, mainly european. In 74, however, Eagle International started manufacturing silver eagle buses in Brownsville, TX. In '87 Grey Hound bought Eagle International (renamed Eagle Bus Mfg.) and in the 90's grey hound and all of its subsidiaries went bankrupt. In the late 90's the company was split and moved to Mexico where there was a high demand for the kind of high passenger capacity transportation that was Silver eagle buses. Now, Silver eagle buses are being manufactured once again in their U.S. home of Brownsville, under the name Silver Eagle Bus Mfg. They have compiled all the old blueprints and information on Silver eagle bus manufacturing, integrated some new designs, and produce Silver eagle buses in various sizes that synthesize past and present ideas to form a new bus with a nod to tradition. Eagle buses typically use diesel engines, since they tend towards midsize and full size buses and rv coach conversions.

Used Silver Eagle Buses for sale

Be careful if you're looking at eagle buses, especially if they were manufactured around the 70's. These buses have 'tag axles' and in some models this axle is built behind the drive axle and in others it is built in the front. Because of the mechanics of the bus, driving a 'new eagle buses' (the ones with the tag axle in front of drive axle) can be very unsettling. It has been said that it is like 'driving a diving board'. The front end moves up and down with alarming severity, which could not only cause motion sickness but also made it difficult at times for the driver to hang onto the steering wheel. So if you're interested in eagle buses that will be a rush to drive, get one of these. Otherwise, make sure that it is not one of the 70's new eagle buses (in otherwords, the tag axle is NOT in front of the drive axle)

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The most recent Silver Eagle bus model 25 is not approved in the U.S and so only the shell can be sold for an eagle bus conversion. Since this is the only market for this Silver Eagle bus model, its only niche in the US market is as an eagle bus conversion. The Model 20 does make for a fairly nice Silver eagle bus conversion, so if you find one, check it out.

Other Eagle bus models: Model 1, Model 5, Model 10, Model 15, Model 20

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Eagle bus manufactured by Silver eagle bus.
Eagle bus manufactured by Silver eagle bus.