Double Decker Buses

Double Decker Buses are buses with two different riding levels. Passengers can enter the bus and sit on the floor level or they can walk up a short stair well to get to the upper deck of the double decker bus. These buses have excellent seating capacity, and are a bit of an aesthetic interest. The decision to ride a double decker bus is often one motivated by an intesterest in the recreational value of the experience. In other words, double decker buses are fun. Especially on the top level. Often times, the upper level will be 'open-top' which is simply to say that they are out in the open air. You've probably seen a few double decker buses in the movies at some point. Double deckers, due to their eccentric appeal, serve better for specialty charters and tours. They can also be made into conversion homes for the truly unique person.

One of the most popular models of double decker buses is the AEC routemaster, manufactured by the Associated Equipment Company. Another popular model is the Bristol. Most double deckers available for resale are Bristols.

Double Decker Bus

Double decker buses are used in the USA for some nation-wide trips. Double decker city buses, on the other hand, are not so popular in the U.S. On the other hand, they are exremely popular in many foreign countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, and England especially. The U.K. can almost claim the double decker bus as a national symbol. Indeed, red double decker buses in London go together like America and the apple pie. Some have even coined a phrase or two about double deckers and london. To paraphrase, 'you haven't seen london til you've seen it from the top deck'. Ironically, the first double decker being imported to Oxford occured in 1994. Nevertheless the double decker bus is a national favorite in the United Kingdom!