Corbeil Buses were manufactured by Corbeil Bus, who just recently shut down operations in 2007. Corbeil Buses specialized in Corbeil school bus and commercial Corbeil bus models. Corbeil was known for their quality production, and since their plant was in St-Lin-Laurentides, Canada, they also excelled at producing Corbeil models that were nearly impervious to weather. Whenever possible, Corbeil Buses also employed the use of light weight materials, which allowed for more versatile floor plans.

Corbeil Buses

Because of their weather-resistant design, Corbeil buses did extremely well in Canada, as well as in the north east region of the U.S., especially New York. In fact, New York was the strongest market for Corbeil Buses, as there were several expert dealers found there. Despite their quality product, a few rough years finally buried Corbeil Buses in September of 2007. Corbeil Buses was purchased by Collins bus, and currently they distribute throughout Canada and as special order in the U.S.

Used Corbeil Buses

If you find Corbeil buses that are earlier than '07 in the U.S., you may want to consider this buy. It's expensive to special order a bus, especially internationally, even Corbeil. And Corbeil models are a good find. As was mentioned, Corbeil produced a quality product, and odds are these Corbeil models will stand up well to weather. If the price is good and there's no outstanding issues with the Corbeil, it is likely to be a good buy.

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The official Corbeil Bus Website.

Corbeil Prodigy school bus. Corbeil is known for its school bus designs
Corbeil Valet school bus. Don Brown is a major supporter of Corbeil