Church Bus

If your Church is in the market for a new used bus, then you are faced with a myriad of choices when shopping for a used church bus. Most times Churches find themselves with a limited amount of monies available to purchase a bus for their church. So finding a bus in your price range itself can be a challenge. Primarily you are concerned with the seating capacity of the bus you need to replace. Usually the majority of churches are in the market for a smaller bus just to get the parish members from point a to point b. If this is the situation you find yourself in then you would most benefit from finding yourself a good used minibus, most likely a ford e-450 bus or something similar. Keep in mind that 14 passenger buses and a bus that seats less passengers than 14 does not require a CDL, if you do not have a licenced bus driver. So when you go in search of a church bus for sale you should stay on the lookout for minbuses like a Ford Starcraft, The Ford Allstar, Ford Champion, Ford Challenger, Ford ElDorado and these buses are usually 12 passenger buses to 24 passengers buses. This type of bus will probably be the most commonly found amongst church bus owners. If your church's flock is a bit bigger than most, then you may want to look into larger church buses for sale. Larger seating capacity buses are usually MCI,Van Hool, and Prevost Buses. There are additional manufacturers of course but these are the most commonly found and also some of the nicest of the makes for larger motorcoaches. These coaches seat usually about 42 or more passengers, common seating is above 45 passengers.

Used Church Buses

There are many companies online where you can find a used church bus for sale. You can take some time before your purchase and go over each website and gather the details of each persepctive bus that you like. Finding out the year, make, model, passenger capacity, mileage, engine and transmission status along with the prices will give you a way to determine the value of each church bus for sale. My suggestion is to make yourself a quick spreadsheet containing each bus you plan to purchase in an effort to easily compare each of the church buses for sale that you have found. This way comparing milages primarily when the year, make and model are similar and comparing specific parts or whether or not the engine is rebuilt or is still on the original miles.

Church Buses For Sale

If you go to your favorite search spot and type in 'church buses for sale' you can be sure to find a wide array of selection available online. Most vendors are kind enough to list all of their physical stock virtually as well. This is ever so convenient when shopping for the best bus for sale.