Bus travel

Bus travel is a wonderful way to see the country. You can even have your favorite bus model converted into a motorhome so you can travel across the country in any style you want, assumine you can afford to that is. Since converting a bus may be costly it may be a wiser plan to get a bus conversion or motorhome before you start off on your bus travels. Eagle sleepers can make for an easy conversion, along with several other popular models such as prevost coaches. Buses are an obvious choice for your travels because many times you will be able to find yourself a beatifully converted prevost h345 that would make travelling across the country in your bus a joyous and ever so comfortable experience. A few folks are travelling across the US right now in an older rts bus converted to accomodate the 5 of them. They took their conversion a step further and enhanced their bus to use ethanol to save the extra bucks on the trip as they 'transform' garbage into their fueling agent while the stop for a bite to eat at the local restaurant. Find out more about how to make ethanol.

Travel by bus

If you dont want to travel by bus on your own wallet, thats ok. You can travel by bus rental as well. There are many rental options if you wish to travel by bus without buying a bus. Even if you don't want to rent your own travel bus, you could always jump from bus to bus along the way. Thankfully, all the information available on the internet makes it easy to travel by bus this way, since you can easily map out routes. When I travel by bus, though, I always allow for a two hour margin of error on pick times. For example, if my bus is supposed to arrive somewhere at 2pm, I would make sure the pickup time for the next bus was 4pm. That way, if my bus is one hour late on arriving and the next bus is one hour early to depart, I wont be missing the bus. This way, I can travel by bus with little concern for getting stuck somewhere. Allow for more time if you wish to spend time at your destination.. and in fact if you are going to travel by bus and take time to enjoy the scenery, make a day of it. Stay for the day, leave tomorrow!

Bus travel at its finest. Travel by bus and take an adventure!