Bus Insurance

Bus insurance, like all auto insurance, doesn't come free, but maybe you can find some cheap auto insurance for your bus. Cheap insurance can be risky, but in today's world, auto insurance can be one of the most significant recurring bills that any individual consumer has to pay other than mortgage, rent, or utilities. And unlike other bills, auto insurance is one that you are guaranteed to pay for as long as you own a vehicle. Mortgages have a future date where they are paid off, but this is not the case with auto insurance, and bus insurance is no exception. If you can afford top notch bus insurance, by all means get it. Otherwise, cheap auto insurance rates may save you the money you need so that you don't go broke owning or operating a bus. Just make sure that your bus driver is a good one! Cheap auto insurance and an unskilled driver are a disasterous combination!

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is one area where you may be able to make some money, as opposed to spending it, on auto insurance and/or bus insurance. Travel insurance is typically paid by the traveller, not the owner or operator of the bus, but it may be possible to find some cheap insurance of this kind and offer it as an additional service that comes along with your bus, and that service can get your more business. If you can find cheap auto insurance, and can afford to spend a little extra on travel insurance, then you may consider it with your bus insurance.