Bus Air Conditioners

Bus air conditioners are a common feature of many coaches. In fact they are virtually a necesary feature, unless the coach is only used seasonally. If you are interested in buying, you should definitely be sure to consider bus air conditioners. More than likely, you're going to want that feature. Though it may be possible to save money getting the bus air conditioner separately, so if you can find a better deal that way then its just a question of how much you are going to save. Will you be able to operate the bus without the bus air conditioner or do you not need the bus just yet? If its going to be a problem to have no bus air conditioning for any length of time, you're better off just looking for one that already has bus air conditioning. Its very common anyway. A lot of parts go to make up a bus air conditioner. The compressor or condenser is the heart of the bus air conditioner. There is a generator, evaporater, fans, belts, and a pressure switch.

Installing Air Conditioning in your Bus

Installing air conditioning in your bus is going to cost you a bit of extra money more than likely, but its possible to find a bus air conditioner for sale that will consent to installing air conditioning your bus for free. Surprisingly, its difficult to find the price of a bus air conditioner for sale unless you contact sellers directly. So shop around. There are offers out there and its just a matter of contacting the seller to get the price. You definitely want to hire an expert too. Though the information you need you may be able to glean from the sellers as you contact them. How do i get the bus air conditioning installed? Will it be compatible with my vehicle? How much would it cost to make it compatible. You can see how the process of installing air conditioning in your bus can get quite time consuming, which is why in most circumstances it will probably be easier to just buy one with bus air conditioning already installed.

Bus air conditioners are usually rated by BTU (British thermal unit) but are also rated by kcal/hr. Typically you're going to need about 5000 BTU for each 150 feet you want to cover. Many bus air conditioners use a common 15000 BTU unit, and may use several. 7000 BTU and 11000 BTU are also common amounts. Very large and powerful bus air conditioners may range up to 57000 BTU, bus this is not very common, and would only be found in exceptionally large coaches. Kcal/hr ratings can be from 8000 kcal/h to 36000 kcal/h.

Roof Mounted Bus Air Conditioner

The roof mounted bus air conditioner is popular. Probably because it allows the heat that the bus air conditioner generates to immedeately diffuse away from the bus and the people inside it. This is an energy efficient design, as the bus air conditioner will not have to exert extra effort to keep the bus cool. So buying a coach with a roof-mounted bus air conditioner is likely going to be something you should ask about when talking to sellers. Is it roof-mounted? If not, can it be?

bus air conditioner
bus air conditioner