Bolt Bus

Bolt Bus line is a joint operation between Greyhound and Peter Pan bus companies. Bolt bus service is focused in the state of New York, and extends as far as Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Since an astounding number of people live, work, travel, or otherwise end up spending some time in New York, it could be a useful piece of general knowledge to be a little familiar with bolt bus lines. Especially given the fact that Bolt bus is a bus transit company that is catered to providing transportation to people who will purchase their tickets online. Bolt bus tickets go as low as one dollar, and become more expensive as the ticket purchase deadline approaches. If bolt bus seats are available for a 'walk-up', they are sold at a rate 30% higher than the highest online bolt bus purchase price. Bolt bus also has no phone line so you cannot make a ticket purchase by phone. So, bolt bus tickets are ONLY available via an online transaction or at the stop, which is definitely going to be the highest rate. And of course, it is possible for a bolt bus to be sold out, which is very discouraging to a walk up.

Of course, I see nothing wrong with what bolt bus is doing. If you have somewhere important to be, you should have time to plan on how you're going to get there. So if you want to use bolt bus for that, you should have the time to order a ticket online. And bolt bus even has an incentive for people who plan ahead, as the price of your bolt bus ticket is related to how much time in advance of the deadline you placed your order.

Bolt Bus Tickets

Bolt bus boasts a one dollar ticket fee available on every bus they operate. Additionally, the rates for bolt bus stay competitive up until walk up purchase. The key, of course, is to order your bolt bus tickets online, and in advance. So if you have a trip in New York, Philadelphia, or D.C. to make, and you haven't considered intercity transportation yet, you should consider bolt bus right now! Their website is conviently named, so if you remember 'bolt bus', you have already remembered the website! And nowadays, with internet access becoming more and more mobile, you may even be able to purchase your bolt bus ticket on the fly. Say you are taking a day to explore New York. You may have one of several available wireless internet connections at your finger tips: laptop in a wireless network, mobile broadband card, or even one of the newer cellphones. Get on the bolt bus website, see if there are any tickets avaiable, and make sure you make it to the spot in time. The bolt bus ticket purchase deadline is 2 hours so if you plan on sticking around the same general area for a bit, the bolt bus schedule could work out perfectly for you!

Bolt Bus cons

There is only one major drawback to bolt bus travel. When schedules are cancelled, Bolt Bus may not inform you in time to make alternate plans. The bolt bus website claims to inform customers via email or phone if their schedule is cancelled as quickly as possible, and of course offers a full refund (and sometimes an additional free ticket as compensation) to be as professional as possible. Also, there is the occasional problem with arriving on time, but customers generally report a positive experience with bolt bus. The general complanatory response to bolt bus service is 'they were a little late... but I sort of expected it to be worse, and the buses are nice and clean and the tickets are better than average price, so I'll probably use Bolt Bus again'

Bolt Bus pros

In addition to everything I have already mentioned, most bolt bus lines provide dvd video entertainment, kind service from the bolt bus driver, and most impressively, wifi internet access. The wifi is not only very convenient but an excellent business move. After all, most bolt bus passengers purchas theirs ticket online; there is a good chance wi-fi on their trip will prove to be useful to them. In today's fast paced world, combining internet access (which allows us to be productive in various fashions) with transportation (which will take us to a place to be more productive in person) can be EXTREMELY useful to a Bolt Bus customer. I have personally never ridden bolt bus, but just the idea of having to take a four hour trip and using bolt bus service is almost a relaxing thought... Maybe its a little stressful getting to the stop. But, once you get seated on that bus, you can relax, watch movies, maybe goof off on the internet a bit, and get something productive done, all on the way to your destination!