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Bluebird bus corporation manufactures its own chassis and bodies. World wide they are one of the largest bus dealing companies and have a wide network of facilities in the US. They currently employ about 1800 people and have been doing business for slightly over 8 decades. Their service covers made to order bluebird buses, but also sell new bluebird buses premade. They offer bus parts and financial services. Their focus is bluebird school buses, and these bluebird buses are built with the highest safety standards. Bluebird also provides service to Canada and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. They are largely a US based company but as time goes on they are expanding internationally.

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Bluebird buses first bus was a school bus built in 1927. From their they expanded to an entire school line, and about 4 decades ago (circa 1963) they broke out into the motorcoach industry with the Bluebird Wanderlodge. Following their success with the Wanderlodge coach, the transition to commercial buses was relatively seamless for Bluebird, due to the wealth of their knowledge and experience in the school transit market. By the early 90's, their transition was complete with a plan to cover bus manufacturing for all commercial sectors, including transit buses, tour buses, shuttle buses, and charter buses. They continue to perform well in their market, which now covers virtually all products and services in the bus market. If you are looking for a new bus for a school, bluebird buses is a good place to start.

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Other Models: Mini Bird, CV-200, Blue bird Vision, Bluebird micro bird bus, Bluebird All-American, Ultra LF, Ultra LMB, Xcel 102, Wanderlodge

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Bluebird All-american bus. Bluebird is known for its quality schoolbuses
Bluebird Ultra LF model bus. Bluebird also does some commercial bus manufacturing.