Articulated Buses

Articulated Buses tend to accommodate many passengers because they are designed to do so. Articulated buses are buses with at least two sections connected by a flexible joint to allow for good road maneuverability while allowing for increased passenger capacity. Typically the front section of articulated buses has two axles, the joint is located behind the rear of these two axles. A third axle is placed on the articulated buses rear section. Sometimes the axle on the rear section has a slight turning capacity, where the rear wheels turn opposite the front wheels to allow for even easier turns. Articulated buses are also often referred to as tandem buses, bendy buses, banana buses, slinky buses or accordion buses. Articulated buses for sale are comparable to double decker buses due to their increased passenger capacity and unique design. The obvious contrast between articulated buses and double deckers is that articulated buses can still be built lower to the ground then double deckers, which makes travel through areas with overpasses more manageable.

Articulated Bus

The articulated bus ranges in size, but typically can be found to be about 60 ft long, approximately 30% longer than a typical full sized coach. Articulated buses are used almost exclusively as transit or transportation buses. They wouldnt make for easy conversions (though a converted articulated bus would be a sight to behold). They also tend to be expensive because of the extra size, engineering, and maintenance that is a result of articulated bus construction. If you are in the market for articulated buses you should definitely try to hunt down some used articulated buses for sale, particularly in rust free states such as Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, California, and Florida. States with more sun than rain and temperate climates are kinder to their buses, and this is especially important for articulated buses.

If you are looking for a used articulated bus for sale, it would be good to search by manufacturer. Manufacturers of articulated buses include New Flyer, Volvo, Man, Renault, Mercedes, and Neoplan

Bi-Articulated Buses

The mammoth Bi-Articulated Buses actually have TWO joints allowing for a third bus section. These buses can be as big as 80 feet long and can accommodate upwards of 200 passengers!

Used Articulated Bus