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In 1930 a small company Western Auto and Truck body Works Ltd. was founded by John Coval in Canada. It would later be known as New Flyer Bus Around 1937 the company built their first complete bus. In 1940 they produced a 12 passenger sedan which could be compared to a stretch Hummer today. It wasn't until 1941 when they built the Western Flyer the first front engine bus which would soon become their trademark. Than again in 1943 they had another bus first it was called the Bruck which is a hybrid of a bus and truck. During World War II Western Auto took a break from buses and building trucks for the military until 1945. After the war they introduced a new Western Flyer model and finally became Western Flyer Coach Ltd.

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In 1949 New Flyer sold two sightseeing buses to a Utah company and have been called the first Canadian bus company to sell buses in the United States. They continued making military automobiles for the US military long after the war was finished but by the 60's buses were once again their primary focus. In 1955 four Deck and a half buses which are not quite double decker bues were built for intercity use in Manitoba. by the mid 60's Western flyer had stopped production on the Canuckmodel to focus on newer Transit bus models. In order to stay ahead of the competition they released the first electronic trolley in 1968

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By 1971 Western was dropped from the company name and it became Flyer Industries limited. 1973 brought around the introduction of the Series 800 diesel buses and electric trolley coaches most of which were sold to California. Flyer Industries Limited under went yet another name change in 1986 when it was bought out by a Dutch business man Jan Den Oudsten. Oudsten came from a predominant family in the Netherlands that already owned a bus company. The finally name change was New Flyer Company and that remains the name to this day.

The new owner sent many of the New Flyer employees to Holland for training and began making modification to the design of the Flyer buses.These changes included making the bodies out of fiber glass instead of aluminum and they also lowered the floors which was the first time any American bus had done such a thing. By 1992 New Flyer had sold several 60ft trolley buses to the city of San Francisco. Also around that time they began researching the use of alternative fuels for the buses. By 1998 the first diesel-electric hybrid bus was in production. This new bus cut pollution by almost 40 percent compared to regular transits. Invero was introduced in 1999 and was made of composite materials and had advanced electronic control boards. All of the windows on the Invero opened for each seat and they had installed pull lever stop cords to make alerting the driver of an upcoming stop easier.

The first 60ft Hybrid bus was sold to the city of Seattle in 2002. Harvest Partners and Lightyear Capital bought New Flyer in 2004 and immediately put the electric trolley back into production. They also started testing the first hydrogen hybrid bus in California. By the next year test were being run in Canada to see if the new buses could handle the frigid winter weather. New flyer continues to put out buses and make great advances in the bus industry.

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