33 Passenger Bus

The reason we felt the need to touch on 33 passenger buses is that this is a fairly obscure seating capacity most often found in international buses, mercedes buses and freightliner buses. Also a 33 passenger bus being difficult to come by is still oft times very practical for those of us that are in the middle. Not enough need for a full size motor coach and yet too many for a minibus which makes the 33 passenger bus a rarer commodity as part of a smaller selection of buses that are considered to be mid size buses or as they have been nicknamed midibuses. Similar to minibuses you will find that sometimes the seating capacity can be slightly more or less varying upon manufacturers of the various parts that go into each bus as most times buses are contructed in section provided by various sources (or bus part, body, etc. manufacturers and distributers. So sometimes for those reasons and others such as luggage are and wheelchair accessibility these buses sometimes can be found to seat 31 passengers, 32 passengers, 34 passengers or 35 passengers.

We Love The 33 Passenger Bus.