Bus for Sale

This site is a guide for buses for sale, buying used buses, and what to look for in a used bus. We have a list of bus manufacturers in the left sidebar. Each link provides information about that manufacturer, their history in the bus for sale business, and the kind of bus models they produce. There is also a glossary of terms. It includes different parts of a bus, as well as different specifications (such as G.V.W.R.). This is the place to learn about bus models, motor coach models, used bus models and motorcoaches, bus conversions, minibuses, school bus models, and models good for a church bus. We also try to give you an idea of what to look for (and what to stay away from) depending on your bus needs. For instance, if you read Bluebird and Thomas, you'll find that they are good manufacturers to look at if you are interested in school buses or church buses. If you are interested in a unique style of used busses for sale, you may want to check out a used bus from irizar or neoplan (germany, not usa). Want a cheap used bus? Lag is the way to go. Or maybe you want a nice motorhome... check out prevost, OR gmc if you want an older, more classic style (but be prepared to pay good money). These are just a few of the used buses for sale information tidbits that can help you get started on looking for a new or used bus for sale to fit your needs.

We also have neat extra used bus pages, like the volkswagen page, which shows a couple of unique volkswagen buses people have 'converted'. There is also the pimp bus page, which gives some pointers on how to make your used bus hot! The bolt bus page is also useful to anyone in or around the New York area, as bolt bus is a very useful bus transit company servicing NY state from Philadelphia, PA to Washington, D.C.

Used bus information

Any buses for sale information page on this site should be reachable from any other page on this site. So if you happen to notice anywhere that you can not reach a particular buses for sale information page, don't worry. We are frequently updating the site and any errors you may find are going to diminish.

Motor Coach Specifics

Looking for specific information on a bus for sale? You can find it here! We cover all the deatils you need to buy and sell a used bus. There are 3 types of motor coaches that are commonly available. The 3 types of bus are Minibus, Mid Size Bus (midibus), and the Full Size Motor Coach. Minibuses are commonly known as Shuttle buses, or another popular name is airport shuttle bus and of course you know where you can find those. Ford is the most common manufacturer of the minibus, but these buses are not exclusive to Ford. A Mini Bus is usually purchased as a method to transport employees from one location to another, or a small group of clients to and from sites, you may find that your local church has a mini bus at it's disposal. A minibus is usually 24 passengers or less. The Mid Size or midibus is the next size up after mini and usually seats between 26 and 42 passengers, and are usually manufactured atleast in part by International Bus Company and the Freightliner Bus Comapny. Last but not least is the full size coach which is most commonly found in operation by tour and charter companies are the world. Another fine example is greyhound and NJ Transit which use these larger coaches to get people from city to city or state to state. These Tour, Charter, and Transit buses are generally a MCI Bus, Thomas Transit, Prevost, Van Hool and other manufacturers of larger motor coaches.

Bus Makes & Models

When dealing with a used bus sale you may find 2 buses that though seem very much the same as far as make, model and year that look very different. This is due to the fact that most times a few bus companies have had their hands in the creation of a ready to go bus for sale. Many times a bus body will not be from the same company that manufactured the chassis or frame of the bus. This is where do a little research into what Model of bus you find attractive can come in handy. If you take the time to read about each type of bus for sale that you are intested in you can find the make or model here and learn more about how each model changes the overall appearance of the original chassis design.

Motorhomes For Sale

Briefly I would like to take the time to point out that many times you will find motorhomes manufactured by the same companies that make buses. GMC Motorhomes for an example are one of the most popular makes. Prevost also manufacturers a motorhome though the prevost motorhome is not as popular as the gmc motorhome. This is a common practice for automobile companies which is why you find that ford makes many of the minis on the road right now and serves as a great example of a company everyone is familiar with.

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